Is there a cash bonus besides the bounty for reaching in-the-money?

In the tournament description, the text says that players are awarded cash bonuses for knocking out other players. Is there a cash bonus other than the bounty for reaching in-the-money?

  • No, there is no extra cash bonus for reaching in-the-money (ITM) besides the bounty you have collected.
  • Again, the only cash bonus you will have the opportunity to claim will be the bounty.
  • In order to claim the bounty cash bonus from knocking out other players, you must reach in-the-money
  • As you knock out players throughout the tournament, their bounty is added to yours and this makes the value of your head higher as you knock others out. 
  • Once you are in-the-money, all of the bounty cash bonuses are credited to the balances of the remaining players at once. 
  • From here on, the tournament format will no longer be a knockout tournament and resume as a regular freezeout tournament format.

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