Are there different levels in the Fish Buffet?

How is each Fish Buffet level different?
  • The Fish Buffet level structure consists of 7 statuses (Plankton, Shrimp, Goldfish, Crab, OctopusWhale, Shark) and 25 levels.
  • The starting level of the Fish Buffet is Plankton.
  • For the Plankton level, you will need to meet the 500 FP requirement within 24 hours to move onto the next Shrimp level.
  • Each level has a different time limit and FP (Fish Buffet Point) requirements. 
  • The expected cashback percentage may also vary per level. 
  • Once you achieve the FP requirement, you’ll get a chance to spin the wheel for that corresponding level. 
  • For more details regarding wheel spins, click here.

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