What are Cookie Cards?

What are Cookie Cards?

  • When three players have gathered for a game of Fortune Spin, the wheel will spin and the pointer will land on one of three possible choices - two different cash prizes (either 4 times or 8 times the buy-in) or a Fortune Cookie.
  • Within each Fortune Cookie lies a Cookie Card
  • Each card is drawn randomly and represents one of ten countries. 
  • Collect all 10 cards to immediately receive the Cookie Bonus (cash prize)! 
  • Cards for each buy-in are collected separately; in other words, cards collected from $1 buy-in games cannot be used towards those in $15 buy-in games.

Cookie Bonus Per Buy-in

Buy-inCookie Bonus
$1 $10
  • If you receive the same card that is already in your possession, then the total number count of the corresponding Cookie Card that you have collected will increase in the top right corner as shown in the image below. 

  • When you collect all 10 different cards, your Cookie Card collection resets and the Cookie Card that you have the most of at this time will be automatically credited into your next Cookie Card collection.

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