What is the method of rake distribution?

What is the method of rake distribution known as the Contributed Method Rule?

  • The rake generated for each hand shall be notionally apportioned to the players playing in the hand in the same proportion as the amount that those players had contributed to the total pot of the hand. 
  • For the avoidance of doubt, wagers placed but not called do not form part of the pot, and are not subject to rake charges for the purposes of undertaking any calculation under the Contributed Method Rule which can be found under Section 1.6 of our Network Rules.
  • Brands may not offer a cashback scheme in direct proportion to rake or fee equivalent as stated under Section 6.1 of our Network Rules.
  • Most importantly for Brands that have opted into our Fish Buffet rewards system, cashback will be administered only by GGNetwork and not the Brands.

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