How to join Hold'em, Omaha & AoF

How do I join a game of Hold'em, Omaha, or AoF?

  • There are two simple ways to join a game, which are called Group View or Table View.


  • Group View allows you to directly join a table without having to navigate a long table list.

1. Simply select the blinds you wish to play at.
2. Then click on the Join button from the lobby. It will automatically seat you at a table with the least number of open seats among available tables.


  • Table View reveals a more detailed list, which allows you to choose a table of your preference.

1. Select the table you wish to play at.
2. Click on your preferred table from the list.
3. If the table has available seats, click the Join button to be seated.
4. If the table is full, you can be placed on the waiting list by clicking on the Wait button.

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