What is All-In Insurance (A.I.I.)?

What is All-In Insurance?

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  • All-In Insurance (A.I.I.) is a feature which helps you to manage and protect your profit from a Bad Beat situation.
  • It is offered to the Favorite to win the pot in an all-in situation when there are only two players remaining in the pot in an all-in situation.
  • Regardless of the winning percentage, the player with the best hand on the current street will be considered the Favorite and have the option to apply for insurance.
    • Note: If the players involved are in a Tie and outs still exist in later streets to decide on a clear winner and loser, then the insurance option will also be available in a Tie situation.
  • Players will be offered the insurance option only on the Flop and the Turn.
    • Note: It is not offered on the Preflop.
  • There must be 14 or fewer outs that your opponent can use to beat your hand.
  • The pot size must be at least 10 times the amount of the big blind.
  • When A.I.I. is offered to the Favorite, the Underdog can choose to select one of the following three choices: Run It Once, Run It Twice, or Run It Three Times.
    • However, if you (the Favorite) choose to accept A.I.I., it will proceed to Run It Once regardless of your opponent's (the Underdog) decision.
  • For information with regards to when A.I.I. is available, click here.

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