How does Run It Twice or Run It Three Times work?

What is Deal Choice and how do I use it?

  • Deal Choice is a feature which allows the Underdog to slightly increase one's odds of winning when he or she is in a losing all-in situation.
  • The Underdog will be able to select one of the following Deal Choices: Run It Once, Run It Twice, or Run It Three Times.
  • When two players are playing in a hand and both are all-in, Run It Twice allows you to have the remaining board cards dealt twice and likewise, Run It Three Times allows you to have the remaining board cards dealt three times to essentially decide a winner for each outcome. 
  • The amount in the pot is also split into two separate amounts for Run It Twice or three amounts for Run It Three Times to be paid out according to the results of the different boards.
  • When an Underdog chooses to Run It Twice or Run It Three Times, if the Favorite decides to accept All-In Insurance or rejects the Underdog's Deal Choice, then the board will only run once like a normal game.
  • The image above is an example of Run It Twice / Three Times.

  • The Deal Choice option is available when the following criteria are met:
    - you must go all-in
    - the player's odds of winning is below 50%
    - only two players are committed in the pot
  • There is no additional rake charge for hands that Run It Twice for Run It Three Times.

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