What are the rules of tournament staking?

What are the rules of tournament staking?

  1. Players who wish to sell their action must first register for a tournament.

    - After registering, sellers (players selling their action) must set the percentage of their action for sale as well as the mark-up that they are selling their action for.
    - Players may only sell their action while a tournament is registering.
    - Sellers have the right to cancel selling their action at any time before a tournament starts.
  2. Backers must pay the full amount of the total stakes they have bought.

    - Stakes must be purchased in increments of 1%.
    - Once a stake has been purchased, it is non-refundable except in certain specific situations.
  3. Sellers are paid for the stakes they have sold when they win or are knocked out of the tournament.
  4. Any tournament prize money that a staked player wins will be distributed automatically among one’s backers in proportion to the stake that those backers have purchased.
  5. The following are situations in which a backer’s stake may be refunded:

    - If the backer has purchased a stake from a seller and this seller subsequently decides to cancel the sale of one’s action.
    - If the Seller unregisters from a tournament before it begins.
    - If a tournament is canceled for unforeseen circumstances.
  6. Staking is not available for rebuy/add-on tournaments.

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